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How to find the Best Naturopath in Wollongong for You.

How to find the Best Naturopath in Wollongong for You.

How to Find the best Naturopath in Wollongong for you.

By Sharyn Hocking N.D.


I have been in practice for almost 30 years. Over that time I have had patients who have stuck with me. I have treated their kids and now their grandkids…and that makes me feel old sometimes but it’s amazing to watch great health practises being passed on through the generations.


I have also had patients that come to see me once or twice and then never again. I used to take it personally. Did I fail to help them? Could I have done something different? Sometimes I would find out years later that the one visit was all they needed to get them back on track. But sometimes I think it was that we just didn’t click together.


When dealing with their health issues I encourage people to be proactive in their health. Do some research, but be aware that Dr Google is not always the way to get the best outcomes. I think it’s important to find the practitioner who can support you on your health journey; Someone you feel comfortable with on a personal level, but also someone that you have confidence in to have the right knowledge for you.


Practitioners of complementary medicine all have their own way of doing things and their preferred modalities.


Things that I feel are important include

  • Are they an experienced practitioner?
  • Do they use the type of medicine that you know you respond well to- herbal, nutritional, homeopathic?
  • Do they use any functional testing? Is this justified and how much will it cost you?
  • Is their manner and office professional?
  • Can you like and respect this person?
  • Do they have experience in dealing with your condition?

This is why I offer a free 15 minute ‘Get to Know You Chat”. I like patients to be able to connect with me on the phone before they commit to a consultation. We talk about why they want to come and see me and I will tell them if I think I am able to help them or not and what the process involves

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