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MTHFR A little gene with a big responsibility

MTHFR A little gene with a big responsibility

Is a mutant MTHFR gene causing your anxiety, migraines or fatigue and much more?

Sally is a 27 year old female patient of mine who came to see me 6 months ago with increasing anxiety and she was starting to experience scary panic attacks. Her energy levels had plummeted and she was struggling to make it through the work day. Sally continued to drag herself to gym to try to shift the 6kg of weight she had put on despite eating a really clean diet. Her muscles ached and she was suffering headaches frequently.

When I first met Sally I had been researching a gene mutation called MTHFR for my own health issues. I had been struggling with atypical migraines and despite being a naturopath for 26 years. I couldn’t seem to get a handle on them and I wasn’t responding to the usual natural medicines that I have used successfully on my patients.

Then I came upon the MTHFR gene and its association with migraines and I decided to have myself tested. I was positive to the worst possible combination of MTHFR genes. More research may me realise that a lot of my longterm patients who I could never quite get to 100%(that kept coming back so I must have been helping them) had a lot of symptons indicating they may have problems with their MTHFR.I encouraged these patients to be tested too and all but 1 were positive to the gene.

MTHFR affects the biochemistry of every cell in the body. It affects how we detoxify chemicals and heavy metals,the production of energy in the cells, healthy cellular repair and regeneration, control of inflammation and the production of neurotransmitters(healthy brain chemicals).

To read more about MTHFR I have written an information paper for my patients you are welcome to read –What is MTHFR and How Does it Affect Me.

Anxiety, depression, fatigue, adrenal and thyroid disorders, fertility issues, migraines and headaches, IBS are just some of the conditions that may be associated with these naughty mutant genes. The list is quite extensive because as I mentioned it can affect metabolism in every cell in the body.

I started Sally on a specific nutritional supplement program to aid her body in overcoming her MTHFR problems. You may read on Dr Google that the way to treat MTHFR mutations is just to take folinic acid or 5MTHF to bypass the MTHFR gene. Unfortunately it is not always that simple.If you have years of toxic build up in your cells taking these supplements can actually make things worse.It is much better to see a practitioner who is knowledgable about MTHFR and how to treat it.

I saw Sally again just yesterday. Her treatment is really kicking in now. No more panic attacks and only gets anxiety now when she has been pushing things too hard. Her energy is brilliant, headaches gone and she has lost that 6 kg.”I didn’t do anything different,it just fell off!”. This is what happens when you get the body’s biochemistry working well again.

As for me, instead of migraining 3 days per week,I am down to I day a month and no more daily headaches.

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