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Andrew, Wollongong

I was treated by Sharyn after suffering months of lethargy and tiredness.  Sharyn took a holistic approach and assessed my health through a variety of lifestyle, diet, exercise and medical methods.  Sharyn prescribed a mix of natural therapies and lifestyle changes addressing all of the above issues.  After 2 weeks I began to feel strong and healthy again.  This continues today and I maintain regular contact to make small adjustments to my ongoing treatment.  I cannot speak highly enough of Sharyn’s expertise in natural therapy.  Thank you Sharyn.

Gavin, Wollongong

I came to see Sharyn for my lack of energy and low libido.  After a series of testing Sharyn was able to analyse and decipher predominantly what the cause was and how to attack the problem.  I found Sharyn thorough and detailed as she explained everything in an easy way to understand.  She also emphasised that it was not a quick fix.  Six months later I would say I’m running at 90% thanks to both Sharyn’s diagnosis, natural medication allocation and lifestyle changes. I’m now a believer and advocate of naturopaths thanks to Sharyn as the doctors skimmed over my tests saying everything looked fine.

Saraid Dammerel, Wollongong

I came to see Sharyn because I suddenly started getting eczema on my face, but I also had high blood pressure and asthma and I was just sick of being prescribed ‘bandaid’ solutions from doctors, instead of trying to find the underlying cause of my health problems.  After my first appointment she had pinpointed the main cause of my eczema, and started me on supplements that, over the course of a few months, saw me halve both my asthma and blood pressure medication. When other triggers popped up for my eczema she was quick to recognise them too. 6 months on from my first appointment I am feeling healthier, and also better informed about my health problems, armed with long term ways to improve on them as opposed to just covering them up.

Leah, 31, Kiama

I have been a naturopathy client of Sharyn’s for the past nine years and can attest to her professionalism as a practitioner and approachability. Sharyn has assisted me with energy and digestion and my current pregnancy. Sharyn is accurate, knowledgeable and well read. Sharyn only recommends what supplements are necessary, without overburdening clients. I highly recommend Sharyn Hocking to anyone interested in achieving optimal health of body, mind and spirit.

Tracy, Wollongong

I have been seeing Sharyn regularly for over 12 months now.  With her knowledge and support I have had considerable improvement to long term physical and mental health issues. In the past I tried a variety of supplements, products and practitioners, with little benefit/success.   Thankfully I found Sharyn and decided to put my health (and trust) in someone who truly knows what they are doing.