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Thyroid Problems? Is iodine the answer?

Thyroid Problems? Is iodine the answer?


Sally’s Story

Sally came to see me because she had been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and was taking thyroid medication but she just wasn’t feeling any better. She had downloaded a list of hypothyroid symptons and ticked off 29/50 but her main complaints were fatigue, anxiety and just not coping with her 2 young children and not losing her pregnancy weight.

Her Oligoscan showed deficiencies in zinc, selenium and iodine and I asked her to get an iodine loading test done which also confirmed this very low iodine level.

Her treatment included a nutrient regime to start addressing these deficiencies with high dose iodine and 6 months later she is feeling like a different woman even though she hasn’t increased her thyroid drug.All her symptoms have improved and she has lost 6kg.


Janet’s Thinning Hair

Janet was very distressed when she first came to see me. Her hair was noticeable thinning and she described how her shower drain was choked with falling hair. Janet hadn’t been diagnosed with hypothyroidism,her TSH was normal but she certainly had a lot of the signs; fatigue, cold hands and feet, and she had very lumpy fibrocystic breasts.

The oligoscan showed low iodine so that’s was pretty much what we addressed. After 3 months she couldn’t believe the difference “I have so much more energy, I am going to gym every with a girlfriend and my hairdresser says keep going with what I am doing…she can see regrowth!” All those lumps that she had had for years are also gone and now 6 months later her hair is growing back thickly, especially around the forehead and she needs to cut her nails more often as they are growing much better.

The amount of women I see with a thyroid disorder has escalated over recent years. I would estimate that about 60% of people that walk through my door have some sort of thyroid condition, often undiagnosed by their GP because their basic thyroid test (TSH) appears within normal ranges.

A few weeks ago I attended a lecture by Dr David Brownstein, an American naturopathic doctor and the author of many books including “Iodine, why you need it and why you can’t live without it.” and “Overcoming Thyroid Disorders”.

He is all about iodine and uses high doses of it to overcome thyroid disorders, fibrocystic breast disease, breast and pancreatic cancer. His dosing is controversial in Australian circles… but he gets amazing results.


An underactive thyroid, or hypothyroidism is the most common thyroid disorder .

Signs and Symptons include

Brittle nails
Brain fog
Cold hands and feet Constipation
Depression and anxiety Difficulty swallowing
Dry skin
Elevated cholesterol
Eyelid swelling
Hair loss
Hoarse voice
Menstrual irregularities Muscle cramps or weakness Puffy eyes
Weight gain

Adequate iodine is essential for the thyroid to work properly, as is zinc, selenium and manganese. Dr Brownstein claims that we need much more iodine than previously suggested and I agree with him. Iodine regularly comes up low when I test people with an Oligscan, a device that looks at mineral levels in the body and I have had some wonderful results when I have “dipped my toes” into trying these higher doses. I feel like I can do so with much more confidence now.

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